• fckreddit@lemmy.ml
    4 months ago

    The idea that tech will solve all the problems for all the people is very dangerous and very, very wrong. This idea is basically perpetrated by people who stand to benefit the most from, the tech CEOs. Tech can only solve a narrow range of problems. But, another fundamental problem with this is the fact that the tech seeks to replace humans from everywhere. But, things that require a human touch, such as governance and justice, simply cannot be done well without humans. Sure humans are not exactly great at it, but I have a feeling machines will be worse at it. Terminator was supposed to be a warning, not a rulebook. In my experience, tech has done good, but it also has done evil. But, at least the use was mainly dependent on people. But, by putting the tech in charge, we will be officially handing reins of our society to the people who are in charge of the said tech and that is very, very dangerous.