What’s everyones recommendations for a self-hosted authentication system?

My requirements are basically something lightweight that can handle logins for both regular users and google. I only have 4-5 total users.

So far, I’ve looked at and tested:

  • Authentik - Seems okay, but also really slow for some reason. I’m also not a fan of the username on one page, password on the next screen flow
  • Keycloak - Looks like it might be lighter in resources these days, but definitely complicated to use
  • LLDAP - I’d be happy to use it for the ldap backend, but it doesn’t solve the whole problem
  • Authelia - No web ui, which is fine, but also doesn’t support social logins as far as I can tell. I think it would be my choice if it did support oidc
  • Zitadel - Sounds promising, but I spent a couple hours troubleshooting it just to get it working. I might go back to it, but I’ve had the most trouble with it so far and can’t even compare the actual config yet
    • Chrissss Toff@feddit.de
      4 months ago

      The latest update to authelia 4.38 was a little bit cumbersome, because you hat to manually adjust the configuration. But all in all I like authelia, too.