March has been an exciting month for openSUSE Tumbleweed users as GNOME 46 made its way into the rolling release like KDE’s Plasma 6 did a few weeks ago.

The GNOME users and developers not only get the upgrade in the rolling release but in the Aeon Desktop derivative. The release in the Slowroll distribution will likely see an update between April 2 and April 14.

GNOME’s version 46 codenamed “Kathmandu” pays homage to the contributions from GNOME.Asia 2023 organizers and has significant improvements and new features. A standout feature in GNOME 46 is the new global search functionality within the files app. This feature enables users to search across all configured locations directly and an addition of filters by file type and modification date further refine the tool.

The files app had a major revamp that allows for instant view switching between list and grid modes. It also had some other minor improvements such as enhanced network discovery and starred favorites in grid view, which amplified file management efficiency.

A new remote login option enhances GNOME’s remote desktop capabilities, which allows for improved configuration and user experience from the remote side.

Accessibility has seen significant advancements, especially with the Orca screen reader, which now includes a new sleep mode and system status reports. Additionally, there’s an increase in high contrast mode consistency and new settings for clearer switch toggling.

Other changes include the settings app, which has been reorganized and was updated for easier navigation. The new touchpad settings is noteworthy and includes configurations for secondary clicks that aims to enhance user interaction and convenience.

System updates include refreshed user avatars, improved notifications, and tap-to-click enabled by default. The Software app now features verified badges for Flathub apps, and both the extensions and calendar apps have been redesigned for better usability and aesthetics.

Beyond user-facing features, GNOME 46 introduces deep technical enhancements. These include performance and resource usage optimizations, security enhancements, rendering improvements and experimental support for variable refresh rates to improve video performance under certain conditions.

With its comprehensive updates and new features of GNOME 46, people should either be doing a zypper dup or transactional-update to get the latest.