Starting from March 26th, we will begin including localized sales tax for all new customers who subscribe on or after this date.

Starting from April 9th, all existing customers who qualify for sales tax/VAT will see localized sales tax/VAT added to their monthly invoice in USD, on top of their current subscription fee. This adjustment will appear on your next invoice on or after April 9th, with no immediate extra charge.

If you are paying with an alternative method via Paypal, OpenNode, or any other non-Stripe provider: You will be prompted to pick a sales tax region the next time you go to purchase credit.

If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to contact our team through Discord or at We will be building an F.A.Q. page to answer any questions about the migration process.

To clarify, it means an end-price increase for affected members (sales tax/VAT will be automatically added on top of Kagi price, if applicable in your country/state) and this is mandated by Kagi becoming large enough to have legal sales tax/VAT obligation. In addition, Kagi will have to retroactively pay for all sales tax/VAT that we did not collect in the last almost two years. We have chosen to absorb this on behalf of our customers.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • We made some changes to Kagi-specific bangs: you can access FastGPT through !fgpt and Discuss doc with !discussdoc
  • LaTeX is not displaying properly #3514 @rourguic
  • Claude 3 Opus injects random mathematical formulae #3564 @tiltowait
  • Expert research assistant fails to process request #3566 @frin
  • Research assistant messes up character spacing unpredictably #3184 @httpjames
  • Duplicate bang search suggestion #3379 @Value7609
  • Kagi Quick Answer Mismatch Between Document Number and Source Number #3549 @benoit
  • UI Bug: Chat Assistant models card has a clipboard icon #3485 @Chris
  • Maps keeps trying to get a location on every keystroke #3405 @tinkling6961
  • POST /login returns HTTP 500 Internal Server Error #3526 @pdm
  • Non-ASCII Wikipedia URL incorrectly encoded #3459 @ThreePointsShort
  • Kagi Assistant - Text Parsing Issue #3390 @martafolf