one day last year I was in the gym and went to the lat pulldown machine in the middle of my workout. someone had it on 200 lbs or something, so I pulled the pin out of the weight stack, and the entire attachment fell on the back of my head. this was a really heavy metal attachment, must have been like 20-30 lbs fell on my head. I got really dizzy for ~30 seconds and had a big bump on my head, but that was somehow all that happened.

to this day, I’m kind of scared and cautious whenever I change the weight on those machines.

  • ZoomeristLeninist [comrade/them, she/her]@hexbear.netM
    3 months ago

    i was like 12 and we were on a family vacation and i decided to climb this waterfall for some reason. it was at least 20 feet high. when I was like a foot from the top, i slipped and started to fall, but i suddenly stopped falling and looked up to see my dad holding me by the straps of my life jacket. my dad saw me when i was close to the top and walked to the top (there were stairs) in case i fell. that would have been like falling out a second story window and could’ve easily been fatal or very badly injurious, especially since id fall right on a rock surface. im still impressed by my dads parental sixth sense