Started my first job, it’s a helpdesk. It looks that I get tickets and try to help people on the other side, have build some PCs and am at first week.

But after ~3 years of using almost exclusive FOSS, I found out corporate software (especially Windows!) to be so absolutely unbearable.

Having Windows as example, on the surface it is bearable, but as I need to do more advanced stuff, oh GOD!
I needed iperf3 to test LAN speed, traceroute to test why some device is not responding, rsync to copy files… But none of it is installed and installing every single program is super annoying and troublesome. After that I get countless update popups from all sides, ugh.

    2 months ago

    How to survive Windows in 2024:

    • Windows 10/11 “Pro” is codeword for “not a joke”. Always use Pro or better for anything serious.
    • DO NOT ever install any “Preview” updates, unless you want to become a betatester (comes with config reset and telemetry).
    • DO NOT join the “Windows Insider Program”, same reason as above.
    • WSL2 is your friend, so are Cygwin and WinGetUI/UniGetUI.
    • ONLY install official software, and FOSS software.
    • DO NOT install anything cracked, or run any cracks, serial generators, or anything that promises you a free gain, ever.
    • Windows Sandbox, is also your friend.

    Sandbox is particularly nice, since it may run a “Preview” version of Windows, but sandboxed, without polluting your main install.

    If you have an Intel 12th gen or higher, you may be able to run it with TME-MK for extra isolation between the systems.