So I have been running into a weird issue lately where if I disconnect a Bluetooth audio device, it will remain visible in the KDE audio mixer. Reconnecting the audio device then adds a duplicate entry and the keyboard volume control for it is completely broken. It stays at the same volume. This was working just fine about a week ago and I’ve already downgraded pipewire, kpipewire, bluedevil, and plasma-pa to no avail. Nothing shows up in the logs, so I don’t know exactly what’s causing this bug.

Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Arch Linux Kernel 6.4.8-arch1-1 Pipewire 0.3.77-1 KDE Plasma: 5.27.7 KDE Frameworks Version: 5.108.0 Qt 5.15.10

EDIT: Seems like simply changing the Bluetooth A2DP audio profile causes this issue as well. I have Bluetooth earbuds that have both AAC and SBC modes and toggling between them just creates more and more duplicate devices with the same name.

THE FIX: Seems like pipewire-pulse 0.3.77 was the culprit after all. Downgrade it to pipewire-pulse 0.3.76 and then do a systemctl --user restart pipewire-pulse to workaround this issue.

EDIT 2: pipewire-pulse 0.3.77-2 has the patch backported. Feel free to update to latest version in Arch repos.

Relevant bug report: