Where things like “freedom” are a sincere part of governmental decision-making, and not just an excuse for a few rich old fucks to hoard more wealth. Where there exists a temporarily flawed but fundamentally good organization in every single city in the country devoted only to keeping the community safe and in harmony. Where the people in charge are truly doing their best to make the lives of the common person better.

If the world worked the way liberals think it does I’d have become a cop straight out of high school, I swear. I still harbor thoughts of trying to become a firefighter, but I’m not sure I’ve got the discipline for it.

I don’t really have a point, I’ve just been chilling and drinking tea and thinking about this. I think this line of thought stemmed from having been mistaken for a cop once or twice and trying to think of exactly the best way to word exactly why I would never in a million years consider it regardless of what you paid me, and thinking about how that concept is kind of hard to understand from a liberal’s point of view. To them, saying “cops are fundamentally bad” is like saying “firefighters are fundamentally bad” or “farmers are fundamentally bad.” In liberal propaganda, cops are just as necessary (and as enduring) as either of those jobs.