So far, I’m to get:

Unscented cat litter.

Litter box (Get 1 more litterbox than cats you own, they like having options.) (get two)

Cat treehouse

Cat brush




Water bowl (use purified or watered bottle, preferably; filtered water is also fine)

Urine chemicals and destroyers

Cat carrier.

Go to the vet at least once a year.

Get vaccinated at least once a year.

food portions are depending on cat’s weight buy toys/balls/cat lasers ,its good to exercise

organic cat grass

cat water-fountain

Lots of soft places to sleep, some high & some low

scratching post

balanced diet (good dry food (I use hills) and cans of wet food)

It’s better to split the food like 3/4 of a cup in the morning and 3/4 of a cup in the evening with treats

Have multiple water bowl options they can choose from and keep them clean

Clean the litter box every day-- twice.

Hairball preventative made up of petroleum jelly.

It’s best to use the lunch paper bags (to clean their waste)

Get some dewormer or other medical supplies like a flea treatment so you have it on hand if in need, if you can afford it.

Cat tooth-paste (they love malt flavor).

Start with a teaser toy for the cat.

Use Purina Pro Plan Urinary for adult cats. It’s at Petsmart, but little pricey. Other options available. Just give them 1/3 of dry (AM/PM) and split one can amongst the three. Cats eating habits differ.

Micro-chip it ASAP!

Find a good vet, preferably one that specializes in cats. Follow their advice. Find a list of plants that are toxic to cats – never, ever have lilies in your house or yard. Consider that strictly indoor cats live up to 10 years longer than cats that go outside.

Cat springs

Pet insurance is very good advice. Maybe ask your existing car/renter/whatever insurer if they offer it, sometimes they’ll give you a discount to bundle things.

Avoid wheat, gluten, & or corn as filler as much as you can.

The above is everything that people have suggested to me.

If anyone has any brands to suggest or maybe extra things that aren’t on this list, let me know.

Also, advice on raising a cat.

Well-known as well as obscure advice.