Just finished it on the pc having everything on high it looked so pretty. It was the perfect two weekend game about half as big as the first one introducing some more mechanics and leaning into stealth which became the most fun way for me to dispatch most the combat encounters.

It really only started falling apart at the end


As usual with these games I’d done all the side missions with the aim of doing a ending run in one session. Map looked complete but no got to do one more for uncle Aaron.

The whole ending section of the game was just needlessly padded out from the museum section nice cameo though, to the final battle with the Tinkerer outstaying it’s welcome after about the fifth time she yonks Miles into the air to the very end watching him crawl to the reactor for something that should have just been a cut scene.

Found Phins arc kinda meh all rushed at the end. Thought it would have been a lot better if she just trusted Miles and died trying to stop the reactor.

The game was a great noodle game I really like Miles as a character well worth it if you want a big game feel in a small package

  • DeaDvey@lemmy.ml
    1 month ago

    I played it back when it came out on PS4, thought it was good but a bit too short compared to the spiderman game and didn’t like the story as much. Still found it fun and the winter look is really cool!