I know this seems like two unrelated questions, so let me explain why I would like to do one of these two things: I recently got a drawing pen tablet with a display, which works fine, except that I am left handed, and my wrist keeps hitting the side buttons. The driver allows me to flip the pen inputs, but not the actual display, it just works as a regular monitor in that regard and relies on the windows settings (windows 11 in my case).

Now, I can flip it if I set it to extend my main monitor, however, I would like to be able to see what I am doing on either monitor, so I would prefer it to mirror my main monitor, just rotated 180 degrees. Some googling suggests that windows does not allow you to do this, except for a glitch involving changing the settings to extend and then back to duplicate, which I cannot manage to achieve. Does anyone know any workaround, or some extra software or such, that would allow me to do this?

Alternatively, if this cannot be done by any means, I would rather not use the extend function as is as I also often play games where moving the mouse to the edge of the screen moves the map around, and so would rather my mouse stay at an edge when reached instead of moving to the next monitor, ideally with some sort of hotkey to toggle what monitor the mouse is on. Is there a way I might achieve something like this?

EDIT: turns out this was all unnecessary, because the tablet itself has an option to do this rotation, its just in a part of the on-board display settings I didnt see before, isnt accessible from the driver UI that Ive seen, and wasnt mentioned on the tutorials that I found on the manufacturer’s site that suggested windows had be used to control that rotation. Thanks anyways to everyone that tried to help me while I spent hours searching for a workaround needlessly.

  • CarbonIceDragon@pawb.socialOP
    1 month ago

    Annnd now I feel stupid, because apparently the tablet itself has a firmware option to rotate the display, I just didnt see it mentioned in any of the guides I found on it on the maker’s website (they said to flip it in windows), and didnt see it when checking through the display options before.