Tried to use OSMAnd last week to navigate around on vacation. For some reason it seems to be incapable of searching for house numbers, which is an instant dealbreaker. I’m very confused as to how or why this is a thing on such a mature product.

I was able to share a location from GMaps WV over to it to get navigation working, and from there the navigation was awesome!

Currently also testing Magic Earth and Organic Maps but I’m very interested to hear from those with more experience.

    10 months ago

    OsmAnd is a favorite of mine. If you live in one of the covered areas (North America for sure) OpenSuperMaps merges a US style address search and most street addresses into the maps.

    OsmAnd search goes by town, street, number while these maps work with “25 oak street Chicago Illinois”. Also, the open street maps rely on croud sharing for map details, so many areas have very little detail, while others put Google Maps to shame.

    For navigation, I like Magic Earth. It includes similar search ability and has Waze-like features. The only problem is a lack of critical mass of users to get good traffic and hazard warnings. You can be one more user to supply such info.