Hi friends. I switched to Fedora and been using it for several months now. I am now using it 90% of the time but do occasionally have to boot into Windows.

I have run into a space limitation, so I want to reallocate some disk space from Windows to Fedora.

I was able to successfully unallocated space from the Windows partition but haven’t been able to reallocate it to the Fedora partition.

Preferably using CLI as little as possible… 😫

Thanks in advance!

  • ElRenosaurusReg [fae/faer, comrade/them]@hexbear.net
    10 months ago

    Try gparted on a liveUSB, you don’t wanna modify the partitions you’re actively using because it can(read: will) result in data loss.

    If you’re willing to spend a little bit of time on it and actually know what’s happening behind the scenes, read the man-pages for fdisk and do it manually from a TTY, but for cereal, use a liveUSB and ffs do NOT mount the filesystems first