I have a Motorola edge plus that will not connect to mobile data. It will show several bars of service but the 4G icon is greyed out like it knows the service is there but will not access it I can make calls and send texts as long as they can be sent as an sms text. I use straight talk as a provider so my talks with customer service have been difficult, but they assure me my plan is in order and go straight to restarting the device (which does not work).

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I’m considering trying a factory reset of the phone to see if that corrects any settings on my end, or maybe buying a new SIM card and reactivating the service? But I don’t know if there’s any chance that would work or if I should just try harder with customer service.

    • rjthyen@lemm.eeOP
      10 months ago

      Yes, their only suggestion was restarting my phone which I needed to be on the line with them. It didn’t work do before starting that process over again when they’re open again tomorrow I figured I’d look into other ideas.