I’m considering buying a 1440p ultrawide display for my gaming machine (Linux Mint, Cinnamon X.Org). Is it possible to set certain games to only use the “middle” of the display? I ask because e.g. a game like League of Legends (it’s my guilty pleasure, don’t judge! 😂) doesn’t seem like a good fit for ultrawide, and I’d rather play it at 2560×1440 “centered” with black bars on the side.

Does anybody know? Thanks!

  • isthereanyseal
    9 months ago

    I don’t recomend Ultrawide Displays for gaming on linux. Get it and you,LL SUFFER (spoky voice)… The EDID of my UW display (predator) is horrible … like… uw 1440p or 768p and nothing in between…

    Tbh theres have been a couple of years since the last time I tried and people says that gamescope does the trick but I didn’t tried… but believe me that It was a real pain in the passt to avoid res stretching.