Hello, this is the second time I’m posting for this project and I hope someone will be interested in it. :)I am making an Action RPG called Reverse Module. All the ideas I currently have are on Codeberg.I also have a Steam page for it.

The game has to do with Utopia/Dystopia balance and it aims to present some ethical dillemas (combined with choices) that will make anyone playing think into how an actual Utopia could be achieved. In the process I hope to make the world a better place, even if a little.

The story begins in a city called Visthansia, where people can have two microchips on them. One of them doesn’t allow them to hurt other people while the other calls the police if they’re in trouble. These microchips are not mandatory and people get paid a UBI for having one on or double the money for both.

The game will be made in Godot, we will use Reallusion CC4 for the characters (in Windows since there is no decent Linxu alternative) and the Terrain Plugin for Godot 4. Also if something is available in the Godot Asset Library, and is of use for the project, it will also be used.

The GDD, code and assets of the project will be licenced under GPL2. Please let me know if you are interested. :)

My personal background is on coding for games, mainly gameplay. Ii have a degree in Electronics Engineering with a Master’s in Graphics Programming and AI. I have been developing games for 20 years now, whether as a hobby or professionally. My aim with any project is to challenge the player’s world view or at the very least help the player in some way. My current job is on Brain Training games for people with Alzheimer’s Dementia etc.

Having said that, this is not a serious game, this is a traditional game with the goal of making players think.