What books/podcasts/videos do you recommend on philosophy?

Can be of any style (introductory or more comprehensive), just would be good to build up a repository on here and see who else is interested in philosophy more generally.

I find The Prince by Machiavelli fascinating, can definitely see how some leaders take his ideas to heart.

  • distractedcactus@beehaw.org
    1 year ago

    I enjoy the Philosophize This podcast by Stephen West and The Grey Area with Sean Illing from Vox.

    The Being in the Way podcast has been putting out official recordings by Alan Watts on a semi-regular basis for about two years now. I like listening to his lectures as his take on Taoism is fairly down to earth and practical, rather than esoteric or excessively religious.

    I also second the recommendation of PhilosophyTube on YouTube. I’ve been a fan of that channel since nearly the start, and it’s been cool to see the improvement over time in both the presentation and substance of her videos.