Down to my last task (“Hot Blooded”). Even though there wasn’t much plot in Voyagers, this was one of my favourite Expeditions the first time around. I remember the first time around, I got stuck on finding a suitably hostile world, but I think in this Redux, the “Eternal Garden” (paradise world), “Unwelcome” (hostile > 84%), “Corrosive Blood” (creature with low blood pH), and lots of others were completed in the starting system.

I figure I just need to go back to the hotter worlds and start scanning critters I missed the first pass, and I’ll be done.

One thing I liked about the first run of Voyagers is that there was almost two months to do it the first time around. It was billed as “relaxing” and it was. I nearly took the full two months, but I swapped back and forth between my main save and Voyagers, until I finished with a week to go (trouble with “Unwelcome” as I recall). This Redux is 10 days, which is longer than the other Redux ones, and they seem to have strategically placed the Rendezvous to help complete, but a little bit longer would have been a little bit nicer. Or at least more relaxed.

    7 months ago

    The longest of the redud expeditions so far, it took me over 9 hours to complete, far, far less than the last time it was here.