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  • Can we stop referring to the “what color is your function” post for languages it doesn’t apply for? Contrary to Javascript (where it does apply), Rust with tokio has adapters for both async -> sync (Runtime::spawn_blocking) and sync -> async (Runtime::block_on). It probably isn’t a good idea to overuse spawn_blocking but calling an async function from a sync one is literally no problem.

  • 2xsaikotomemes@lemmy.worldThe Lenovo Technique
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    You control how fast it goes by how much force you apply. It’s fairly sensitive too so you don’t need to apply too much. If it still goes too fast, you can always turn the mouse speed down :). It’s pretty much like a touchpad but your finger just stays in place and without the bad parts of typical touchpads. It’s been a couple years since I last used these but I remember them being a lot more comfortable and reliable than every touchpad I’ve ever used (except for maybe the one on my MacBook because that one is actually good)