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    Danke :3

    Wobei “Bayern” und “schöne Fahrt” kann man im Kontext einer Fahrradtour nicht ernst nehmen. Minimale, falsche Beschilderung, Strecken die für Kettenfahrzeuge mit Seilwindungen schon eine Zumutung wären (Steile Steigungen aus Geröll bestehend), und im Endeffekt fährt man ab Bayern nicht mal am Inn vorbei, sondern Kilometer davon entfernt. Aber muss halt sein, um wirklich nach Passau zu kommen.

  • With the stock installer? Not really. However, technically the installer itself is a very, very minimal windows. Just open up a cmd (with Ctrl + F12 or smth I believe) and you can open notepad from there, meaning you have a graphical file “manager”. And from there you can do things such as executing BIOS installers, which will actually work - even though the WM looks pretty weird, you will be able to use very simple programs just fine - such as cmd, or the Intel BIOS installer.

  • Windows does not really have a version afaik, so I just update it every few months. Debian live is just for visually editing/moving partition in complex setups, and I can fix my Arch install with an installer/live iso that’s months old. It’s just that I don’t want multiple USB-Sticks, and need multiple ISOs at the same time (eg. Arch and debian live for rescuing my installs, or Win 10/11 for new Installs for more tech illiterate people - Win 10 is the “just functions” thing for my father, when we need a laptop for proprietary laptops, and 11 is for other people who need something set up. Additionally, I use Windows’ installer environment to update my Laptops, servers and workstations BIOS.)