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  • The atmosphere doesn’t care about uplifting people

    For sure, but it may be species-ist, but the whole point of caring for the environment is to give people a better future …. Compared to giving people a better future

    China can get accolades on decarbonizaion, when it actually de-carbonizes

    Progress is good, even if we don’t yet meet necessary goals. The point is they’re ahead of what they committed to. That’s a good thing. We’re not. That’s not good

  • Depends on which numbers you’re looking at.

    Your numbers don’t include the massive scale out of renewable energy, transit, and EVs that is outpacing the rest of the world combined. That’s crazy. Your numbers don’t include like 95% of EV buses: crazy. And your numbers don’t include the millions of Chinese still being uplifted to the developed world suddenly needing energy.

    Most of all, your numbers don’t include progress toward decarbonization targets. Every country could define their own, but China is ahead of what they promised and most of the rest of us are behind

  • how far are we still from looking at a fully self driving car

    While on one hand, pretty far, on the other I don’t see why they’re not common. We’ve had a few geo-fenced pilots of self-driving cars with mixed results, but the money is in trucking. I would have expected there to be trucking pilots, such as on fixed routes, in convoy, or even remotely piloted within distribution centers.

  • “Music” could be on this list for me.

    I don’t know where you found anything different from radio stations playing a few songs over and over, between almost constant blather, but this is why I never liked music.

    At one phase I started to like music as I could buy what I wanted, but it was turning into an expensive habit to have any choice. Then the industry changed format and obsoleted my library.

    It was a revelation when we got good music streaming services (and I could afford them) and I listen to so much more music now, from many genres and eras. I love music.

    …… well, we’ll see as services turn more hostile to their customers