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  • No seriously. What context am I missing? You’ve done nothing this entire thread except scream plagiarism and call everyone who isn’t you a moron.

    In the chain I linked to, you say it’s a blatant ripoff of another comic, Samus12345 says it’s a play on the same idea referencing elden ring, someone else says what the original was about (adding nothing), Samus12345 says it’s clearly meant to be a parody although since the original isn’t well known the parody should be presented in context, and you chime in again saying it’s been called out for plagiarism, so clearly it is well known.

    In the chain we’re now in, you and Samus12345 go back and forth, with you saying it’s a blatant ripoff and Samus12345 (correctly) arguing it’s a parody (although it should show the original for context), and you ask how something can possibly be a parody if no one except you and two other people have ever seen the original.

    We could have a whole other discussion about why the number of people who know about the original is a fucking stupid definition of plagiarism, and how now that everyone reading this thread has been made aware of the original’s existence and the ways that the “rip-off” innovates on it, the claims of plagiarism no longer really hold water (unless you want to argue that since it wasn’t OP who linked the original they were trying to steal credit, which… just… no), but I still don’t see how something can be well-known enough to be recognized as plagiarism but not well known enough to be recognized as parody.

  • Be real here. If you were saying “science is a process” in 2022, you were following it up with “and that’s why we shouldn’t trust the results of any of these thousands of studeis until they’ve had several decades in which to be proven wrong, by which time I won’t have to wear a mask or get the shot anyway. I therefore reserve the right to do neither, immunocompromised people who happen to be standing near me be damned. Remember when we thought cigarettes were good for you?”

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    I can follow a conversation just fine. In one thread, someone says it’s more parody than plagiarism, although the original isn’t super well known so people might not recognize it as parody, to which you reply that it obviously is since three people have called it out for being plagiarism. In this thread, you ask how something can possibly be parody if the original isn’t well enough known.

    Funny though that you gripe about a comic not being well known enough to be effectively parodied in reply to a comment saying the original has its own KnowYourMeme page, then accuse me of not being able to follow a conversation.