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    Both tbh. I also just don’t like the usability and looks of everything being a screen. I really hate digital dashboards. The newer cars feel like they were designed to be disposable like a smart phone, where long term use isn’t a consideration.

    I have seen some services that convert ICE cars to EV, so I may just do that when my engine needs replaced

    The reason I single out the 2010s is because that’s when I could get a touch screen with car play, but still have HVAC controls as a button and no digital dashboards.

  • I can assure you that we won’t. There has not been a time in the history of this country that lower competition has resulted in improved products or prices.

    There is zero US based competition in the hobbyist and consumer spaces unless you DIY. US companies mostly do products for emergency services, large commerical operations like spraying pesticides, or military. There are a handful of brands making smaller drones, but they’re all a decade behind DJI in features and quality control, or they cost $20,000.

    I’d be fine with a ban if there was a legitimate security concern, but there isn’t, this is just part of the trade war and it only stands to harm US consumers and small businesses. The entire aerial photography industry is going to collapse and one’s only option will be large companies with hex rotor drones and Red cameras.