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  • I have some ducks living in my garage, they don’t pay rent, they poop everywhere, and contrary to the meme, they do not enjoy being lifted off the ground.

    They do, however, eat vegetables out of my hands, and if I sit on the ground near them the will nibble my hands and feet.

    They are incredible and much like dogs we truly don’t deserve them.

  • The main reason I prefer Mastodon/Fediverse over Bluesky is ActivityPub. They make some good points about profile portability I suppose, but also I don’t think “identity” is as important in the Fediverse as it seems to be in other networks.

    If it is something really important to you then you can stand up an ActivityPub compliant instance of whatever with really strict profile creation rules, as in someone manually verifying identities if that’s your concern. Hell, I came over to Lemmy from KBin, and I was still following some stuff on Mastodon through that.

    I just don’t like that they looked at the spreading existing standard and said “nah, we can do it better” instead of contributing and making what we already have better.

    I know it’s more complicated than just that, but it’s also kinda not.