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  • Pipez is not the worst, but the functions people try to accomplish with systems like Pipez is inherently taxing, you will eventually encounter TPS issues with item transport mods. Mods are always updating and changing, but I believe xnet was winning out as the least laggy option in testing a year or two back. It is not as user friendly as pipez, but some of the decisions that make it less user friendly also do contribute to it’s efficiency.

  • The most memorable ‘nature’ experience I’ve ever had involved a squirrel and a sparrow.

    A squirrel was calmly and methodically foraging as squirrels tend to do. A sparrow landed nearby to do the same. They continued on their own for 10-20 seconds seemingly uninterested in each others presence until the squirrel ramped up from 0-100 instantly, viciously attacking the sparrow. I don’t think the sparrow even had time to process what happened, there was no struggle from the sparrow.

  • Definitely a major contributor, but it’s not just that. Trump is angry and that’s appealing because we’re all kinda angry too. A lot of us know that that anger is pointless right now and can only be used to make things worse, but it’s still kind of a good feeling to see that reflected in someone in a position of power. If Biden had half that intensity, he’d have this in the bag and we wouldn’t be talking about any of the other recent problems.

  • They definitely could, but most cybersecurity departments are paid too much to worry about minor items like that. If HR tells us to look into a specific user and gets the proper approvals so that everything is in compliance, we’ll definitely get someone on the team to do it, but otherwise if we happen to see evidence of unapproved usage, we’re mostly going to overlook it unless it could lead to something dangerous to your machine or the company as a whole.

    EDRs like Crowdstrike can see very very nearly everything you do though, definitely everything you would care about.

  • This is not true of every part of islamic culture, but there’s an anti-western focus that is a part of a lot of cultural traditions. The idea for a lot is that if a Kafar (effectively, a sinner/etc) is involved, you shouldn’t be, so that rules out most top tier brands. I’m way out of date because I’m not close to that world anymore, but every once in awhile, you’d see a major player throw something out… Like adidas had a line for a minute that they tried to make a big deal, but I never saw any big brands that you’d recognize in any Islamic shops and I never knew anyone who had even heard that was happening beyond me. Most of the girls I knew stuck to Hijabs which are incredibly simple, it’s basically a four cornered sheet of cloth that you wrap around your head real fancy, so the focus was mostly on type of fabric and patterning, not a lot of room to establish higher tiers of hijabs/etc.

    Branding as a whole kind of goes against the concept of the head coverings too.