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  • Gnome has been the only stable DE I’ve used in the last 20 years.

    Always loved the customization options of KDE and would love spending hours tinkering to get everything perfect. Now I’m old and don’t have time for that bullshit anymore.

    I just recently tried a few different DEs on an old Chromebook (i use Arch btw) and everything crashed after a few hours due to RAM limits, but Gnome kept chugging along on this piece of shit device and is now my daily driver.

  • So are you relying on Canada or Mexico?

    I don’t know if you are purposely omitting GOPs primary benefactor Russia because you are obtuse or because you are purposely trying subvert the discussion in a malicious way to attempt at an argument; and if you think Russia won’t do everything in its power to support the Christofacist/MAGA/GOP/Nazi/KKK population with their US Civil War 2, then you are indeed fucking dumb.

    Guns are the biggest killer of children and young adults.

    This seems so far the most intelligent point you have made so far where I agree with you, but unlikely a concept you have independently considered and likely were told to think this way by someone smarter than you.

    Non-sequiturs against you aside, you cannot realistically think you can disarm the entire population of the United States without Trump-level door-to-door military style invasive home inspections? Criminals and crazies will still shoot up innocent people, and if Uvalde, TX hasn’t convinced you cops are unreliable for your personal safety, continue living in your fantasy.

  • we don’t seem to encounter any in our universe as we know it

    What the fuck are you talking about? Genetic mutations causing horrible lifelong mentally and physically painful issues for people sounds like a bug in DNA metabolics to me. And what about black holes? Gravity wells getting so massive it bugs out because the universe has no idea what to do and thinks it is a simultaneous implosion and explosion forever until someone observes beyond the event horizon.

  • I’m a progressive liberal, and a minority who’s immigrant parents barely escaped from a fascist religious country with a helpless and disarmed population unable to fight back against the status-quo running the government.

    I also have many gay and trans friends who live in opressive bleak conditions every single day and cannot trust law enforcement to fairly help them.

    NO matter what happens, I will always vote in favor of less gun control, because hoping the fucking cops/military won’t be full of racist/bigoted/MAGA-Trumper/fascist/religious nutjobs not intent on fucking you over is a really really stupid thing.

    You are responsible for your own families well being. If you feel safe thinking you live in a fucking fairy tale utopia and most western societies are not at one catastrophic event from collapsing, you are delusional.

  • And so we should turn our attention to REAL democratic reforms. Ranked choice voting. Ending the electoral college. Curtailing political gerrymandering. Converting our two-party duopololy system into an actual multi-party system.

    Not to sound nihilistic or defeatist, but the odds of any of that federally passing within our lifetime has the same odds of Congress deleting the Second Amendment.

    Maybe state governments can be swayed to add these amazing ideas, but good luck telling rural MAGA retards that is all actually in their best interest to add these concepts into local government.