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  • In grade 5-6 we had a course on typing, it was boring so instead I played NIBBLES.BAS and GORILLA.BAS started modifying the Basic code to give me more lives.

    Some time later I got hold of Visual Basic 3.0 and made some small programs, after that I was told that the cool kids were programming in C++ so i got hold of Borland C++ Builder 1.0 and played with it.

    The latest language I learned was Python, this was when Oracle brought Sun (2009) I was fond of Java but wanted a language that was not in the clutches of a corporation, and Python was already on the rise back in 2009.

    I think starting with Python is a good idea, when you get better at the language you can then add more languages like C/C++ or whatever you feel for, because when you know one programming language its easier to learn another one.