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  • When I first started, I was really anxious about not being a power tripping mod that I basically didn’t mod. It got to the point admins from other instances were stepping in, and that just wasn’t a good thing. The slap-fights were always an escalating thing, with no clear instigator, and I never did figure out if I should ban and who to ban. That was more of me specific issue, trying way too hard to be a good mod and making it worse.

    Another thing was trying to figure out what actually counted as a conservative post, turns out theres a lot of gray area, and I fucked it up a couple times. That gray area killed me.

    An easily avoidable mistake I made was the nazi ban. I should have banned name calling in general, but I wanted a clear keyword ban with zero gray area.

    Those are the big three mistakes I made.

  • Rather than focus on the visibility of your content, maybe the problem is the content itself?

    Oh I’m sure it’s the content and the community. Some communities don’t like certain types of content, and I knew this coming in. I don’t mind the downvotes.

    I’m trying my hardest to adhere to the rules of the community, and appreciate not getting permabanned yet

    I appreciate that. We try to not to perma ban unless you evade another ban, most everything else is a shorter ban, one week to a month sort of bans.

    But you’ve gotta see all you’ve done is create an echo chamber for content people aren’t actually interested in or aren’t buying.

    I’m aware, but at the same time, lemmy as a whole is a big echo chamber, just in the other direction. By adding another echo going the other way, it helps dilute both echo chambers.

    Those are two valid reasons for having a community and I’m glad you have a space, but I don’t see how it accomplishes anything besides appease your desire to see your posts stay elevated in thread.

    Not going to lie, that’s was the primary reason, but now we have multiple regular posters, Neuromancer, kaboom, among with a few others, and we have regular commenters like Boba and Satan that show up fairly often. It’s no longer my personal blog anymore, it’s grown into a tiny little community of it’s own. I think that’s worth something at least.

    If I post an article from a pro-conservative site that can be easily disproven as either lies or misinformation, what’s the conversation of value to be had there?

    You can prove it wrong in the comments, and it allows any conservatives to look at the proof, and maybe think to themselves “Hey, I was lied to about this, what else was I lied to about?” And the same thing goes for progressives, everyone gets lied to and mislead.

    Hell, the main thing that lead me becoming a conservative was me finding out I was lied to by the news, and I started looking for primary sources, recordings, photos, studies, a bit of history, that sort of thing.

  • Yeah, it’s deliberate. On the lemmy.world version of this sub, every time I would post a conservative story, another user would post something progressive, and then my post would get buried and no one would ever see it or interact with it. Why post if no one ever sees it?

    I started this sub to get around that, literally so people would see the conservative posts and talk about them. Sometimes you learn something, sometimes it forces you to actually research your position, sometimes you see another slapfight. Much better than nothing.

    If you want to start a sub of your own, just be warned, modding is filled with horrible judgement calls, and until you figure it out, you will fuck it up constantly.

  • I wouldnt call it woke, if I was more conspiracy inclined, maybe Russian style dictatorship.

    Orange has positioned himself as the outsider and acts like this entire thing was a witch hunt. Convicting him didnt do much. Hell, come November, I’m still voting for the lesser of two evils, but Im not happy about it.

    My bigger concern at this point is my state governer, mayor, and sheriff. Being real, they affect my day to day way than the president, and its not like the states give a shit about federal law anymore, with weed, 2a sanctuaries, illegal sanctuaries, that sort of thing.