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  • Yup. NProtect Gameguard. They got called out for it on day one, but then everyone was like “wow this game is good, so never mind!” Arrowhead CEO outright admitted to it but claimed it’s normal and necessary.

    To me it’s like if some company wanted to dig through my mail whenever they wanted and defended themselves with “but we won’t do anything malicious! Its to keep you safe!” They can fuck right off with that nonsense.

  • I think it’s like piecing together a mystery, which can be interesting as you find clues and tidbits. Most of the lore is hidden in the item descriptions and explains the details of your environment. I didn’t really pay attention to it much at first, most things I just reacted to like “that’s fucked up”, but it was kind of neat when I started to realize how some of these enemies had a history within the world. Then I started rereading some of those descriptions, and what was a jumbled mess started making more sense. It was like having a jigsaw puzzle come together.

    That said, there’s still a lot I don’t get and I still go WTF… ok time for unga bunga

  • “…solutions, which include patterns, symbols and other clues to differentiate cards instead of only color.”

    This is the way to do it. I’m glad to see more video games including color blindness modes but a lot of them do it in a way that I still can’t differentiate or match what I need to. Having symbols and patterns as well makes a huge difference for me. Everyone’s colorblindness is a little different, so there’s no color scheme to suit everyone. I hope other game makes take a cue from this move.