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  • Holy fuck, as you wish. There is clearly no chance of changing a mind of a limited self-centered stubborn asshole. Keep being insulted for others, that’s where sanity lies.

    The irony of not being able to defend yourself in any way than calling others stupid is palpable.

    Actually scratch what I said there because that lady thing that you said was so hilariously over anything I’ve ever experienced I must have heard something like that in a sitcom or something. "Your first comment to the top one was “thanks sherlock”. You don’t think that’s insulting? Oh right. You’re above that. You don’t insult people by ironically calling them by Sherlock, the master detective. "


    Such crashing insult that was, his ego must have been destroyed. Is that why he didn’t say anything after? The burn must have been incinerating, he is still in recovery. Let me test something: NO SHIT WATSON. I’m sorry for doing that to you, and causing endless sleepless nights. It’s an experiment. For science.

    I can’t stop imagining you on a white steed in massive armour, looking at me, a lowly peasant, and striking me down like a worm that I am, call of “PATHETIC” on your lips, me whimpering “I only called him Sherlock spare me good sire”. I’ve been down this whole week, needed good laugh, so thank you. I have never met somebody so up in their ass.

  • Where in the hell did I say that you started the conversation? It’s really hard to talk to somebody who is twisting what was said. It’s literally WRITTEN. Maybe you should look up that straw man thing yourself. Because yes, you did use it number of times, by putting meaning into what I wrote that was not there. And it was you who responded to me, and not even to my original comment, try scrolling up and reading what was said for once.

    Example of a straw man:

    You don’t even know yourself what it is you want. And please. Stop with the strawman arguments. It’s pathetic.

    What the hell does it mean “I don’t know what I want”? What else do you assume about me? What I want is not being told the obvious which sounds like dismissal rather than any meaningful piece of knowledge.

    No one claimed self immolation stoped. Why are you trying to bring it up as if I’ve said otherwise?

    Where did I implied that you said otherwise? I’m sorry for not being aware of your endless knowledge. Next time I will correct myself and assume that you know everything already. It was pathetic of me.

    You should belittle people more, it’s absolutely a winning strategy by telling them what they wrote is straw man, thusly their opinion doesn’t matter. And don’t forget to say “that’s not what I wrote”.

    Insulting people on the internet is literally the last thing on my list of priorities. After reading all the comments I realised I didn’t do anything like that to you. At least once you decided that I insulted other guy but not you, so you rolled out with real ones. And all this over one stupid sarcastic jab, that wasn’t even for you, yet you couldn’t stand it.

    It makes me crazy when people assume the worst about me, when nothing like that was said by me. I will not stand misrepresentation.

    Number of times you have put fault on the poster, the original commenter, me, but never yourself. I can’t talk to those that seem to have no self awareness, or are not able to admit fault. I can’t imagine thinking that I am constantly and stubbornly right, I can’t live like this, it’s one of the worst assumption a person can have about themselves.

    And I am over the original topic of this nonsensical conversation, as we haven’t moved the goal post even once. It remind me of that time bodybuilders argued how long a week is. I’m sorry for implying that you might have been not aware of this though.

    Edit: I just read all my comments once again and I have no idea where I was strawmaning in that third comment I made in the entire conversation. Since I am too stupid to understand it can you explain so I can improve in the future. So never again I will be accused of “not knowing what I want” whatever that even supposed to mean.

  • I’m sorry for bringing information that no one did during conversation. And please do not tell me what I meant like you are in my head. I find it pointless to tell people what they already know. I define it as “the least you can do (the effort that’s meaningless)”. And go to hell dick, let’s discuss nothing ever, and get angry over insults that you made up (is that straw man or not?), and don’t forget to be rude, particularly as it’s not your fault this conversation even started.

    It’s so simple it didn’t even need to be said.

    Edit: Actually I’m done here. I’m sick and don’t need to talk to someone who calls people pathetic because they disagree with them. It’s become detrimental long time ago. You won, I yield, I’m wrong and you successfully defended a commenter who didn’t even needed it. From what? I have no idea.

  • Is there a chance that no one needed any AI generated pictures of historical figures in the first place (the only reason I can think of for making them is to agitate people on the internet)? They aren’t real and so obviously fake it’s not even funny. How do you want them to respond to this nonsense?

    We are entering an era where nothing on the internet could be trusted. You going to say we had misinformation since forever, but nothing on this scale and this easy to make and spread.