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  • Acing Trump is the path to guaranteed violence. People advocating against doing so aren’t just doing so from a moral and/or philosophical standpoint. WWI started with a politician being assassinated.

    Edit:ok clowns, downvote the person saying killing a former president is a bad idea. Like several countries aren’t salivating at the idea of the US being embroiled in a civil war. Gee almost like one or more countries even have a vested interest in destabilising the US and have been accused of contributing to it. By all means though don’t let that stop you.

  • Honestly, expect shit to go wrong. Sounds like you’ve gotten all the important shit done. You’ve got a plan, you’ve been working towards it for a while and seems like your partner is into it as well.

    We had a similar trip a few years back, first time overseas for some of us. Lots of planning and preparation went into it. Then our trip planner fucked up one of our bookings in Paris. Meaning we almost missed out on doing some tour that ended on the Eiffel Tower. A couple of times trains were missed/delayed.

    The only times the trip strayed away from being the fantastic trip it was is because people let small (and sometime not so small, to be fair) disappointments or missed expectations turn into high stress/anxiety events. You’re going overseas, shit may go wrong; be ready for it and be cool with it (while also making sure you have travel insurance). Also take time away to do shit yourselves that the other may not want to do and always have set meeting times and locations to check in if you do.

  • You know those aren’t the members I’m referring to. I haven’t referred to you by the wrong pronoun or misgendered you. I simply haven’t capitalised non-gendered possessive/adjective pronouns. You think these should be capitalised due to identifying as a goddess. As someone else mentioned it reeks of co-opting trans issues. Anyway, given you’ve reported me, I’m going to leave it here.

  • Yes, and as per the blog the other user linked people have a habit of posting Medium links under the guise of providing supporting information. Given you made a claim “x proves y” you and other people who post Medium links like this probably know “but here’s a link to my blog that is also just my opinion” probably doesn’t hit the same.

  • Neither do I. I do like guessing them though, especially users whose participation online is largely toxic and quickly hostile.

    There was also that study I saw posted to lemmy asserting “trolls” and cyber bullying positively correlated with negative personality traits like sadism and narcissism. So I get what you’re saying, some of them are just younger people who’ve lost their way online. Or perhaps they’ve experienced similar behaviour online so now they’re copying it (another article I read said this is a possibility). For this user, based on their post history, I don’t really see that.

    Some people just enjoy engaging in that sort of behaviour or can’t help it due to their upbringing.

  • zero context and dubious evidence.

    That’s largely my problem with it too. Reads more like tabloid shit, I can’t get over citing politicians namelessly without invoking the word anonymous anywhere. How it isn’t required for them mention that the opinion was given under condition of anonymity is rubbish.

    so my opinion is questionably neutral.

    Yeah that’s why my opinion hasn’t ever been much braver than “it never should have gotten to this point” on the matter either. I don’t live there, haven’t been in the Palestinian or Israeli shoes and certainly am not informed enough on the matter. Definitely not enough to comfortably give it on record, in public and potentially off the cuff like that.