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    I can confirm that I see both an orange car and a 21. I’m not colourblind in the "I can’t see any colour " way and I can drive a car and see traffic lights without any problem but I do percieve colors differently enough to get in arguments with friends and family about the colour of stuff. I think it’s called deuteranomaly

    Edit :the more I know!

  • Probably unrelated because it’s a laptop, but I had a similar problem with and old secondary hard drive that fortunately held no important data: I would hear a click and become unable to access the data on that disk. It turned out that the power supply was failing and the drive was probably shutting down because it wasn’t receiving adequate power. I replaced the power supply and everything is going smoothly now

  • They offer a one time purchase for “premium” (I don’t remember the price because I purchased ages ago using play store credit I got from surveys mainly to support the devs). Here’s what the documentation says about it:

    Free edition The free edition only has a single limitation, a maximum of 30 running blocks, that could be 15 running flows with two blocks, or a single running flow with 30 blocks. Unused/unconnected blocks within a flow are also counted. There’s no limit on inactive flows stored on the device. All features can be used with or without Premium purchase (if supported by device).