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  • The Samba service is normally run by root either way. Samba uses the logged in user’s uid to access the files. To be able to see the files, the user needs to have permissions for the directory and the contained files. The mnt folder currently only has root permissions, which is why the user can’t see the files.

    You need to change the permissions of the NTFS mount. I’m not sure what the uid of user is, but you can find that out by executing id user. The numbers are the ids you need. In fstab, you need to add the user’s uid and gid by adding uid={},gid={} to the line.

    Assuming the uid and gid are 1000, it would look like this: /dev/disk/by-uuid/2666EE3966EE097F /mnt/2666EE3966EE097F auto nosuid,nodev,nofail,uid=1000,gid=1000,x-gvfs-show 0 0 (you need to remount the partition after the change). You can check if the permissions changed in your file manager.

    This will change the mount’s permissions to the user you want to access it from, but this also means that no other user (except root) will be able to. The link below has the answer if you want it to be accessible by all users.

    I used this answer on Superuser, so it’s possible that this will not fully work, but I don’t have the devices to test it out currently.

  • I don’t fully understand this setup. Did I misunderstand something?

    You have a Fedora PC with an NTFS partition mounted to /run/media/user/share. The Fedora computer shares a directory /mnt/2666EE3966EE097F over Samba.

    Fedora and another computer connect to /mnt/2666EE3966EE097F/ over Samba, but they show no content.

    Did you perhaps forget to remount your NTFS partition to /mnt/2666EE3966EE097F/? Otherwise I don’t see a way to access the content with your current configuration.

  • Whenever money is involved, greedy people and content farms start appearing. That would not benefit the Fediverse in any way.

    Integrating it into the client apps means that fake apps will start appearing to steal wallet keys. That already happens with normal wallet apps.

    The Fediverse is supposed to be free and volunteer run. Tipping is normally implemented by the instance admins on their website and not everyone wants to deal with wallet keys and conversion/selling of cryptocurrency. Such a thing shouldn’t be a part of the Fediverse, but a decision every instance makes for themselves.

  • I don’t understand why you even change the names and ports. If you have a seperate docker-compose.yml file for Immich, the names won’t clash with other services (except if container_name is duplicated, but services like postgres and redis normally get one assigned automatically).

    The ports are also limited to the container networks, so running several postgres instances still allows all of them to use the default port (except you pass them through from the host, which you normally shouldn’t do in closed networks like Immich’s or you run all services in network_mode: host, which is often a bad idea).

    Opening ports in a postgres instance is not always needed, because you can attach yourself to the container and use the cli interface to do what you need.