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  • Bloodmouth huh? Now I like the sound of that. As I inhumanly tear into the animal carcass modern business and society has made available for me I’ll try to remember that. I am of course the one to blame here. I think the same when I buy plastic products that are ubiquitous and utterly unavoidable. It’s what the plastic industry wanted me to believe when they created their keep America beautiful campaign. Not the capitalists owner class fault. It’s me, the disgusting rabble. I similarly cry each time I order a product on Amazon. It’s my actions that cause the poor suffering driver to pee into a bottle while hiding from his van cam. I take full responsibility as I struggle vainly to make ends meet in America with my paltry salary despite my education and abilities. Forced to live in a world where all my choices are morally bankrupt because I must choose that which is available, least expensive, and convenient. If only I had the money the time the ability to be free enough. Then perhaps I wouldn’t be such a lowly disposable bloodmouth.