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  • I disagree, you can see so much on the old layout specifically because it’s a wall of text. The new layout is unnecessarily bloated and takes up your whole screen on every device you view it from, so you can barely see more than one or two posts at a time. It removes the ability for the user to freely scroll and look at things that interest them, and forces the user’s attention onto exactly what the algorithm wants them to. The new layout removes a ton of agency from the user.

  • As somebody in both communities, these people are outliers, by far. I’d say 95% of the randoms I play with in either game are decent folk who aren’t trying to ruin other people’s fun. Even if the random player is way too underleveled for the mission and picked 4 support weapon strategems not knowing what they are and keeps getting stuck in respawn loops, everybody has been friendly and helpful, because that’s the democratic way. Anybody who tries to make the lives of their fellow players miserable is a dirty traitor and will be court-martialed.

  • Even though it may seem disappointing, this was realistically the right call. You know what they say about broken clocks, and all.

    They didn’t say he couldn’t be removed from the ballot, just that it’s a federal issue to solve and not a state one. And had they allowed it, that precedent would have been abused almost immediately and been back in the court’s review all over again and would have resulted in a ton of dramatic and divisive political theater in the meantime.

    Though, it does highlight some significant flaws in our electoral process. There’s a lot of conflict between what the states and what the fed should be able to do for elections. The whole system needs to be revamped, IMO. Why each state sets their own rules is baffling to me in the first place; the Presidency affects the entire country, not just the states, so I don’t get why we aren’t going by nationwide popular vote instead of “California’s electors picked Candidate A even though the majority of the voters picked Candidate B, and Iowa voters did a collective Hokey Pokey in a big expo center and decided on Candidate C”, etc.