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  • You need an absolutely insane amount of data to train LLMs. Hundreds of billions to tens of trillions of tokens. (A token isn’t the same as a word, but with numbers this massive it doesn’t even matter for the point.)

    Wikipedia just doesn’t have enough data to make an LLM off of, and even if you could do it and get okay results, it’ll only know how to write text in the style of Wikipedia. While it might be able to tell you all about the how different cultures most commonly cook eggs, I doubt you’ll get any recipe out of it that makes sense.

    If you were to take some base model (such as llama or gpt) and tune it in Wikipedia data, you’ll probably get a “llama in the style of Wikipedia” result, and that may be what you want, but more likely not.

  • Docker, using the nextcloud:stable image (not-all in-one) with postgres, behind nginx, and finally ZFS with 2x modern HDDs for storage. I run the stock apps plus a small handful, and have carried the same database through many versions over the last 5 years.

    It’s usable, but definitely not snappy.

    The web interface for files is fine. Not instantaneous at all but not a huge problem. I have about 1TB of files (images and videos) in one folder, then varying files everywhere else. I suspect that the number of files (but probably not the size) is causing the slowdown.

    Switching to, for example, the notes app is incredibly slow, and the NC Android app is just as bad.

  • Since you’re new, I’d recommend just using the old PC to start and get comfortable. Once you’re sure you want to invest some money, you can either build it buy yourself something more energy efficient if you’re super concerned about that.

    As for the best OS, just any server OS will do. I run Rocky Linux which is a RHEL derivative, but you can also try TrueNas or anything else you want. Even Windows Server would work if you wanted to go that path.

    There are many paths you can take, and which you go down depends heavily on personal preference and the desired use of your system.

  • Clearwater@lemmy.worldtoAsklemmy@lemmy.ml*Permanently Deleted*
    9 months ago

    My experience is only with Lemmy.


    • My app functions


    • Significantly reduced amount of content
    • Most of my content from Reddit is not available here or has an incredibly small community
    • A tremendous number of posts are polarized to the point of being aggressive
    • A disturbingly large number of openly suicidal comments (Eg. “I see no reason to live except…” )
    • Seemingly every climate-related post has someone stating “eat the rich” as a solution to the climate

    Overall, mostly negative, but since the alternative for me is nothing (my Reddit client of choice doesn’t work), it’s still better than nothing and is something to scroll through briefly while on the toilet.

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    9 months ago

    I use KeePassXC, but am assuming KeePass is very similar.

    You’ll have a single file on your machine that is your encrypted password database. Syncing is not handled by KeePass and is your responsibility.

    If you want to sync only when you get home, as long as your sync app that is fine with it, KeePass won’t know or care.

    Keep in mind if you make changes on two devices without keeping them in sync, one will probably get overwritten unless you take special care to handle it. (My sync app warns me, then I take both conflicting files and in the KeePass app, I can merge them to solve the conflict without data loss.)