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  • The only thing that’s weird to me about this is, why divorce in that case? There’s no law that says you need to live in the same domicile as your spouse. Could’ve lived separately and kept stuff like shared insurance benefits and whatnot.

    It’s rare, granted, but it is a thing. Unless they wanted to separate their financial lives entirely and keep getting down, I guess.

  • As Canadians, this should alarm us as well. The U.S is our biggest trading partner, we share the largest land border in the world, our political climate is directly impacted by what goes on to the south, and we have our own growing alt-right movement which the CP is pandering to - taking direct inspiration, if not outright manipulation, from the same elements at play in the U.S.

    We are not immune to any of this. The deeper the U.S. gets into the shit, the more dire the implications for Canadians become. If Project 2025 comes to be, and our government doesn’t play ball with their approach to international relations, we’re fucked. If we DO play ball, we’re probably also fucked in different ways.

  • Lemon tek, shroom tea with as much fungal material removed as possible, or if you have the stomach for it chewing really well and chewing on fresh ginger afterwards.

    All three ways have dramatically helped my imaginary friend with their nausea.

    Edit: Same imaginary friend had the following to say about acid - if you’re taking a full on, deep diving dose, take the day off and do it in the morning. You’ll probably be good to sleep at a decent time v. doing it in the afternoon/evening. Good trips often require some planning - that’s why they’re called trips!

  • I’d love to write a really good acid western. So far all I have are daydreams about being a badass old west drifter to the music of Spindrift.

    Edit: I suppose there’s also what I started when I tried (and failed) NaNoWriMo, which was a horror story about a pathogen that made people deranged killers of a spectacular nature. There was a fight in a stained glass factory, that was kinda cool. Should see if the laptop with the draft still boots…

    (If I recall the movie correctly, it was basically The Crazies, but more violent and written before the 2010 version came out [never saw the 1973 version])