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  • My 6.5yo is playing it with me and he loves it. We got the DLC edition or whatever and are level 50 about to play the final boss of the main game, haven’t reached the Stronghold yet or any of the DLC.

    There’s a bit of a learning curve, but so far I’ve been able to teach my son that Green(Rare) and Orange (Unique) are better than Common (Grey). For items and gear, higher level items are almost always better, for pools of mobs he’s better off kiting and using ranged attacks.

    He can’t read much yet, so I have to explain what the enchantments are and he’ll upgrade if he likes them.

    I like the game way more than Minecraft Legends.

    1. It’s ok if you don’t feel love or attachment to your baby. I spent the better part of a year or two wondering if I was a sociopath. But as my boy started growing up and developing his personality, that love and attachment grew into something deeply emotional and unconditional.

    2. Fight for your right to parent and spend time with your baby. Your wife might think it’s her burden to bear, but insist on you having time to bond, which will also give your wife a break or chance to check in with herself that won’t feel like she’s putting you out.

    3. Bandit (Bluey’s Dad) is Dad Goals, but don’t get down on yourself if you can’t get there. As long as your child knows you love them and that you spend time with them when they want you, you’re already the best Dad ever.

  • The DoD will soon be requiring itself and Contractors to start following Rev 5 of the NIST SP 800-53 Risk Management Framework. In this revision are more robust controls for Supply-side security, which the DoD has been trying to incorporate for over 10 years.

    Americans should know that the military and DOD and it’s contractors do their best to purchase authentic hardware from reputable vendors, but there are exceptions and alternate procurement allowances if the need is great and the standard more secure lines are unavailable or simply on back order.

    It’s usually then that some of the fake hardware makes it into use

  • Me, me and KG It’s all about sex supreme We like to cream jeans Have you ever been worked on By two guys who are hot for your snatch? That’s what I’m offerin’ you

    You step into a room And then you smell a perfume You lay upon our roundish bed And then you feel a tickling on your head

    It’s KG with a feather and the French tickler Look out, baby, he got the tools And then you feel somethin’ down by your feet It’s me, it’s JB, I’m suckin’ upon your toes

    We don’t mind suckin’ on toes Good luck finding a boyfriend who sucks toes Havin’ sex with me and KG Now you’re talkin’ double team supreme

  • Biden didn’t ask Trump to sell National Security secrets to the Russians.

    Biden didn’t ask Putin to trade those secrets to Iran.

    Biden didn’t ask Iran to use said secrets and launch an attack on Israel to start a war that the U.S. would be forced to support in order to take away resources and attention from Putin’s war in Ukraine.

    But Biden IS a Zionist.

    You can criticize him for his support of Palestinian genocide, and rightly so. But you would be sadly mistaken if you withhold your vote for Biden and allow a Trump Presidency, who would not only continue the Palestinian genocide, but allow a Ukrainian one and a Taiwanese one as well… And perhaps fully and finally bring Totalitarianism to the U.S. since why not, he made it so close on January 6th anyways.