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  • “Looks at SpaceX”, Iterate quickly and break things can work for rockets, it just depends on the development phase and the type of project. I wouldn’t “iterate quickly” with manned, extra terrestrial or important cargo missions.

    But it can be used for the early development of rockets. Space X had a deep well of proven technology to draw upon during the development of the Falcon rocket. They put the tech together and iterated quickly to get a final product.

    Blue Origin as well as the Artemis program both use traditional techniques with similar proven technologies. I’d argue they aren’t as successful or were never intended to be successful (Artemis is just a jobs program for shuttle contractors at this point).

  • I see, so when police violate an individual’s rights it’s malfeasance on their part. Yet when protesters that you happen to agree with violate those rights in a shockingly similar manner, it’s a disturbance and the individual should “get over it” and it’s their problem.

    It was indeed a very simple question which you tried to side step. You seem to understand how an individual who doesn’t have a stake in your cause could feel victimized by actions that directly affect their safety and liberty. But you and the protesters don’t care about those particular victims, you want just the attention.

  • I think it is a ploy by Russia and China to get the US to hurt itself.

    Mexico is key to our economic future. The manufacturing which the US is trying to onshore needs many different inputs some from lower cost labor sources. Mexico provides some of the middleish parts of the process (yes Mexican labor is more skilled than other inputs from South Asia). While the US labor pool provides the upper end. Cars, appliances, low end electronics etc. are where Mexico comes in. The US just doesn’t have the labor pool to do all of this at a decent price point.

    While central and southern Mexico may not be big fans of the US. People in the North are fairly pro USA as they see a lot of economic integration. Dropping bombs on them even when we are going after the cartels is not going to keep them on our side and we will see the anti US sentiment take over the country.

    It’s basically one of the few extremely dumb things we could do to royally fuck up our economy.

  • The arrogance of Democratic leadership is fully on display here. I have nothing against Biden, he’s done great but he’s too old and should have known he was going to be a one term president from day one and worked to hand the mantle over to younger candidates years ago.

    Now here we are months from an extremely important election and we have to debate if he is physically fit for the job. It’s obvious bullshit and a complete failure of leadership for the Democratic Party.

    A lot of people are going to just vote for him because the alternative is unacceptable. However there are a lot of people in the center in key swing states who don’t follow politics, don’t understand what is at stake that may not have that same attitude. To them the age issue is front and center in their decision making process.

    This is the second time Dems have put a fundamentally flawed candidate up for the presidency. They need to fix their fucking process.