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    Same. I keep hearing folks mention this but it’s not like AI developers aren’t aware of this (apart from a bunch of shitty startups that would fail no matter what) One way to deal with it for example is Microsoft is shelling out so much for “pre-AI” datasets (Reddit) but I’m sure there’s a lot more of those kinds of initiatives.

    Google on the other hand is going to be hard pressed to deal with the ever increasing deluge of AI spam.

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    Some company decided to change their logo because it looks dated and might give the wrong impression. How is this even a problem?

    As for liberals causing problems, yeah maybe they go a bit too far some times and can be over sensitive. But the other side is literally trying to take us back to theocracy, where women only have the rights their husbands will allow them. They’re not even pretending otherwise any more. I’ll take oversensitive over that any day.

  • Let me preface this by saying I am 100% opposed to the way the war is currently being fought by Israel and it should be brought to a complete ceasefire today if not already months ago. I am in no way on Israel’s side in this in any way.

    This article is bullshit. This person attributes this horrible phrase to “THE WESTERN PRESS” which is absolute idiocy. It’s a single opinion piece in one online magazine that uses this phrase. Is the author reprehensible? I would say yes. Does he represent all Western media? Of course not. Jesus Christ.

    If you’re propagating this nonsense you are part of the problem.

    “I think Israel is doing bad things” answer: “Oh so you’re an anti semite and you love Hitler?” or “I think Hamas’ actions were bad” answer: “Oh so you want to ethnically cleanse Palestine and give it to the Jews?”

    One person makes a reprehensible statement and immediately all of “Western Press” is evil. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • This one paid off. Read the interviews given by mr Arbaugh. Musk is an ego-driven maniac, you won’t get any argument from me. But as a result a bunch of scientists got more funding than they normally would for this project that gave great joy and some measure of independence to a young quadriplegic, maybe with more to follow.

    You want to hate on Musk? I’ll happily join you. But if you’re one of those assholes rooting against these doctors and scientists doing ground breaking work with Musk’s money, that’s a pretty terrible take.