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  • The “currencies” are all ingame. Because PoE has no actual currency like gold pieces or anything, players trade in consumable items like Chaos Orbs and Chromatic Orbs that augment items with random outcomes. The introduction of a market ingame helps facilitate trades that players were previously using external websites and forums to make.

    Even the NPC shops trade for identification scrolls and have “recipes” where you put in ID scrolls to get teleportation scrolls and you can keep trading upwards.

    Diablo III wishes it could be PoE.

  • You failed to understand contextual nuance and differences between the stories. You just referenced whatever the top indexed result was given as many keywords as possible.

    Their story is about the punchline that half the pond will be covered the day before the last. The rice story is that the final result is so large that it cannot be reached.