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  • I mean, I’ve conducted probably quite a few if not at least a couple hundred strip searches myself when I was a Corrections officer. We used privacy screens and even if there was a lot of other inmates around, they had no visual of the stripped inmate, and were usually about 10 feet down the hall with a third C/O while me and my partner would conduct the search. Any religious articles like necklaces with a large enough pendant or cross, a kufi or what have you would be taken and searched, but I always immediately gave them back to the individual to put back on if they wanted/needed to. Typically, one officer is searching their clothes while the other directs the inmates to follow the steps, which is usually shake hands through hair, bend the ears, open the mouth and lift the tongue, raise arms, lift their junk, turn around lift both feet so the soles face you, then they spead their butt.

  • If I knew with confidence that what they were doing wasn’t harming anyone, and wasn’t gang related bullshit I’d just look the other way. The department can’t fault you for “missing” things.

    Example would be catching someone tattooing. This often ended up with time in solitary. But if it wasn’t a gang tat, and the inmates weren’t dicks about being caught/immediately flushing all the evidence I’d just kick the tattoo artist out of the cell and the half finished tattoo is enough punishment. They’ll get it finished one way or another but it’s more funny to me than sending them to the hole, and they appreciate it most of the time. If my supervisor happened to be with me, or watching me though, you were cooked. Most understood the fact that I would protect my income over them being as I wouldn’t give a fuck literally any other time, but my hands have been tied more than once when shit should have slid by.