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  • Yup!

    So, like during Covid, I might have gone a little stir crazy, and built my own little universe with this massive (and tweaked-as-they-went) collection of story arcs. I used stardrifter’s rules

    I touch one of those characters and I’m a dead dm. But they’ve been playing those characters for years now.

    The way I’ve learned to do it is to build some sort of resurrection system in as the game progresses. The one shot style single-night campaigns with fresh characters, those are where I’m allowed to create new and interesting (and usually hilarious) ways for them to die.

  • so, I’m not entirely sure you quite got it. Before our modern deck of cards, which we play games like shanghai rummy or spades or texas holdem, etc, it was the tarot deck. the scammers that ran around as fortune tellers used the generic standard playing card deck of the time to do it.

    It’d be like me doing some slight of hand with the deck and telling fortunes or something. “an here we have the Ace of Spades, a clear indication of strength and nobilty. You have a challenge ahead of you; but you will face it with dignity. And with with … oh dear… the suicide king, that is a powerful omen of self-sabotage. but I have a charm against ill omens for thirty internet points!”