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    I didn’t mean to dismiss good looking people with great personalities. Sure, sometimes their interests don’t line up with mine or they may be interested in things commonly viewed as basic but that doesn’t dismiss the complexity of their character and I didn’t mean to insinuate as such. I’ve just noticed a trend of people who think that their looks will take them everywhere in life and have willful ignorance towards the intricacies of life

  • I feel like cars will slowly start moving towards aerodynamic efficiency. Large gains could be had by committing to more efficient designs similar to the first gen Honda insight or Prius. Sure, large vehicles will still be desired and I’m sure we will get rock crawling EV’s in due time but people may reconsider if they knew that an EV jeep wrangler would have a good chunk less range than a passenger car with the same battery. Manufacturers can cover this a bit nowadays with larger fuel tanks but I think that won’t be as true in the future if we continue to measure range and efficiency as closely as we do with current EV’s. Maybe we will see a shift from aesthetic design ruling the drawing board to aerodynamicists. One can only hope.