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  • A democratic bank? It’s a monopoly in Calgary, one “credit union” owns them all now. Modern day credit unions simply exploit tax advantages, they aren’t this touchy feeling cooperative thing anymore. They are very much for profit in all but name and are as rotten as the other banks. Should get your hands on the executive payroll.

    As for Calgary Coop, yes you get to elect the board. They play favourites, and you can have your choice between Corporate Bob, Corporate John or Corporate Margaret. You can run, but they play favourites and heavily promote their choices of the ideal candidates, which of course are slightly different versions of themselves. They’ve made some pretty controversial choices the last 5 or 6 years too. They aren’t even part of the Federation Coop anymore, Calgary Coop is just branding now. They overprice everything and then offer you the so called rebate. Its a joke.

  • They are saying that the bullet might have been up to some conspiracy stuff. I’m dumb as shit, and even I got that first read. C’mon. The bullet might have been from one of those Disney movies, or straight from the acme factory. You don’t know.

    For real though, don’t take life so seriously. It’s hard to find humor in serious events where people died, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time a little bit of color might bring a bit of joy or a laugh to someone at a time when everyone is trying to get us to all focus on darkness.

  • The only thing cooperative about Calgary Coop is it’s name. Its about as cooperative as I am when it comes to sharing a bag of chips on the couch on a Saturday night.

    Coops don’t really exist in true coop nature anymore. Its like everything else, they get a few peckers involved and they suddenly start looking like for profit organizations.

    There are some credit unions, but they very much act like banks, and aren’t really any different than other banks. There was a big merger that just happened with First Calgary and ConnectFirst (see what I mean?), and Servus and Connectfirst have also merged. Its pretty hard to call them an actual credit union at this point, at least in the traditional sense.

    You are ten years too late for MEC. Its also a for-profit corporation now, thanks to some really bad leadership. I think you can see the trend at this point.

  • Take a step back man, you gotta look out for number 1. You aren’t abandoning anything or anybody. Being connected like this is great in some ways, and in some other ways it’s literally the worst thing that’s ever happened to the human race. That isn’t on your shoulders, and its quite an admirable thing to say you know what, I need a break. Not many other people have the courage to do so.

    I’m sure you’ll find some happiness and some colour on the other side bro, here’s to you finding it 🤜🏼

  • There’s nothing with modern complexities that is going to last that long. Think of the complexities of today’s system. I mean I’ve got my original PlayStation, it’s 25 or 26 years old now, and it mostly functions to your point, but it also hasn’t been heavily played (or really played at all) for about 20 years. But my PS2, I went through three of them in 6 years. My Xbox is almost 20 years old, it’s my second (and is making weird noises). And so on. My PS4 at 10 years old runs, but makes a ton of noise and is definitely slower than it used to be. It ain’t making it to 20, that’s for sure, I mean maybe now that it gets zero use it might.

    My point is, the more intense they got, the more problems I started to have. As the boomers like saying too, shit ain’t built like it used to be.

  • Silca makes a pretty good degreaser that’s one step and is pretty effective. It won’t work as good if the chain is caked with crap and well used, but it’s quite robust and will certainly do a good job with a newer chain. Anything more is overkill. It takes like 15 minutes too, start to finish, and if you do a good enough job you will only need to wash with hot water in the future.

  • Fable is forever the game to me where the most complicated love triangles take place. I had a whole town in Fable II both trying to marry me and murder me, all at once. I’m honestly not even sure what happened in that game or what I was supposed to do, I was too busy managing the crazy hexagonal relationship dramas I had found myself entagled in.