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  • Well, that’s awesome. I hope to photograph a Viceroy one day, but I don’t think I’m in their current habitat.

    I baby sat for a kid whose mom was a herpetologist. She showed me the line on the Viceroy’s wings, differentiating it from a Monarch, and taught me it was poisonous to predators.

    Then she stuck a snapping turtle in my face, scarring me for life. She was pretty damn awesome.

  • Huh, that’s really interesting about the butterflies. Do you know if that’s how Pipevines & Viceroys developed their poison?

    I didn’t know there were poisonous butterflies until I read about Pipevines coating their clutches with poison for protection.

    I found out about mushrooms the fun way.

  • Could we tap Liz Cheney to be our Vance wrangler?

    Not a candidate, no, KH will still need a VP.

    I just mean a wrangler. Someone who’s sole purpose is to disrupt JD Vance anyway possible…

    Maybe she could:

    • Follow JD around, constantly whispering that she’s going to grab him by his pussy
    • Send him noose shaped flowers and cakes to decorate his new office
    • Pay Clint Howard to randomly walk by Vance every day & accuse him of ruining his brother’s directing career
    • Leave a conspicuous trail of classified documents behind him
    • Lewdly suggest she would have her relations with her attractive child, on camera
    • Smear fecal matter on his desk & let Pelosi call of his efforts a bowl of poopoo
    • Constantly make contact & remind JD who her father is.

    I think Liz Cheney would be awesome at all of these things. As long as we don’t “elect” her, what could go wrong?