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  • I’m fluent in Hebrew. The translations are accurate. The only thing that stands out is he says the monster with the submachine gun “swapped/magazines”, as is he emptied one and swapped to a new one. The laughing imo is coping/senility. I’ve known lots of old Israelis like this guy and lots are terribly racist, I do believe that the army is more organized than it was during Nakba. Whether that means they are better at hiding atrocities or preventing the…idk. Growing up in Israel we were told we had the most moral army in the world. They brainwash you in the IDF (like most militaries), with the goal of making the 18 year old draftees okay with their role in war. I am certain that in the coming decades there will be more of these tell all type videos from gen z Israelis coming to terms with their actions.

  • I lived in Israel for 11 years. The government has been slowly but surely progressing the goals of the religious right. To keep it simple they believe the Messiah will come and march on Jerusalem to retake the temple mount and erect the Jewish temple where it once stood. Some modern interpretations I heard in yeshivah simply talk about taking back temple mount and demolishing the Muslim temple to erect the Jewish Temple.

    There are a lot very rich and influential Jews who have been using their money and influence to further the ultimate goal of rebuilding the temple. Check out the Jewish National Fund.