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  • Yep, worked there during the changeover. 2003-04ish. I actually loved working there under the old management, the food was good, quality was the priority. Then the fryers left, replaced by industrial microwaves…but we still baked the muffins. I’m sure even those are frozen/reheated these days.

  • There’s no simple answer to your question, just like there’s no quick solution to the problem of inequality. But one premise you’ve mentioned isn’t quite correct. The democratic party hasn’t really been “ruling” for most of that time. They’ve controlled the presidency, yes. But for all except 2 years, they haven’t controlled Congress (it’s been either divided or republican controlled), and they haven’t controlled the supreme court. That said, a lot of Democrats are still happy to push the status quo, and there’s plenty of warranted criticism to go around.