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  • That’s silly. I’m in a really good place personally. My best friend is my assistant manager. I just signed the lease early for another year (starting in May) in my nice apartment that is just a few blocks from my dispensary. We could reasonably be a million dollar a month location by this time next year. I’ve found a Discord where I can make friends with other trans people in my area despite my powerful introversion. And just being a visible trans person in a popular business running a safe place in a conservative area is fighting the good fight! I have integrated the resistance into my life. I have the financial stability to take care of some real life shit that’s in arrears. And despite isolated examples of the opposite, the fact is that people are overall safer, healthier, and freer than they have ever been. I say that as someone who has been attacked in public for being trans. 2024 is going to be good. It’s just going to be extra good for me.

  • Two honestly. They’re both kinda big picture, but both are fun and easy and low stakes.

    1. Slow down, settle, nest. 2023 was a wild year filled with change. I got a job that became the focal point of my life, and then I got promoted. That job came with more friends and connections than I’ve ever had. It has been a very full, sometimes overwhelming year. 2024 is going to be my Convenience Store Woman year. I’m gonna settle into my management position, get good at it, and turn this dispensary into a beautiful weed distribution machine.

    2. I’m gonna keep trying for a second romantic partner. It’s gonna be fun because flirting is fun. And the stakes are low because I already have a fantastic, stable relationship with my wife. Failure means continuing the happy life I’m living now. I’ll just keep trying to get the attention of boys with good hair.

    2024 is gonna be good, but easier than 2023 plz

  • Right offhand, Rita Pfeiffer. There have been times where I was her only Spotify listener. Probably also nobody has heard of Knife the Puppets but me and my wife. My favorite musician at the moment is probably Ashley Virginia, a little known folk singer out of North Carolina. I’ve been obsessed with the Hushabyes since Lindsey Verril of Little Mazarn introduced them to the world. I’m getting a cassette player mostly for New New Sincerity, Lindsey’s label, but there are some cassettes I want from the Spinster Sounds collection.

    I’m sure I’ve seen some ultra rare movies, but I watch so much weird old trash that I have no idea how well known any of it is. I’ve seen Tales from the QuadeaD Zone twice. I follow Blood Tea and Red String on Instagram. I excited for the sequel. One of my all time favorite movies is a 1977 X-rated version of Cinderella with full song and dance numbers (a few of them genuinely fantastic!) and Sy Richardson as the fairy godmother.

    EDIT: I forgot the real crown gem! We own a copy of the original cut of a movie called Freedom Deep! It’s basically a feature length music video for a band called Goya’s Child. The version of Freedom Deep you can find online is the new cut. It has lots of obnoxious narration over the music and nonsense 9/11 content thrown in. The rare DVD version is still not a great movie, but it’s a painfully fun ultra long grunge music video! Oh I need to make some people I work with watch Freedom Deep.

  • This is fairly common in both depression and ADHD, so maybe check on them? Like, make sure they are personally okay. Someone who needs to be consistently stimulated is probably uncomfortable at rest. Being bored all the time is something I struggle with personally. I have ADHD and depression and trauma. Addressing and working on those things helps immensely with the chronic boredom. When I’m more depressed or anxious, I’m more easily bored and crave more stimulation. So, yeah, play Ted Lasso and check in on them.

  • None. I wish I could see more content. Not enough is made of the fact that you only see content your instance is already connected to. Part of my frustration with the platform is that I joined a neutral instance to have as much content as possible, but relatively little of it is shuffled to me in the all feed. I like discovering new things online. I hate the catch 22 of federation content access, where being on a large enough instance to be certain you’re well connected means being on an instance that has blocked a lot of content to appease its larger userbase.

  • Random trans folk I see look right past me.

    I had this happen with a whole group of trans women staying at the motel I used to work at. I passed to them to the point that there was no “oh hey!” moment, no Charlie Kelly meerkat eyes. It was a strange experience, at once sad and satisfied?

    Now I work at a dispensary and smoke or vape weed every day. For better or worse, I’ll never voice pass consistently in a world with legal weed. Which I guess is fine. I’m not especially fond of the “oh whoa” moment on the faces of straight men who have decided from a distance I was a hotgirl™ and they were gonna treat me a certain way, but I guess I’d rather disarm straight people than be invisible to young trans girls.