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  • This lady is clearly delusional. That said, what is up with this email from the boss? It reads like a word problem from school. Who asks a subordinate to do like a madlibs style fill in for something so short? Just ask a normal question, like the sentence following that one.

    "Can you please complete the following:

    The solution us currently used by xx Agris companies and yy Barge lines in corn cargoes in south-north flows in the ??? waterways.

    Also, can you remind me of what the balance of the rollout will be and the approx. timing.


  • You’re right people should have high expectations of crowd strike since it’s a well funded company, and they should provide better support to the random project with a single maintainer.

    That said, is there any indication crowd strike is a “move fast and break things” company? Sometimes people just fuck up, even if they don’t have a crazy ideology.